Turn Your Scars Into Your Superpower with Coaching!

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is designed to assist a person in developing strategies and plans to achieve their goals. It also assists people in identifying and removing barriers between them and their goals.

Who is this program designed for?

This program is designed for those who have experienced trauma, are looking to get “unstuck” and live happy, healthy and empowered lives.

She specializes in working with clients who have dealt with trauma (both physical and emotional).

This program is also designed for those who are not achieving their goals (in a timely manner) due to lack of confidence.

Why work with Audra for life coaching?

Audra is a trauma-informed certified life coach and also a burn survivor. As a person who has experienced trauma and was left with physical remnants of it, she was then able to do the work necessary to embrace her scars and become empowered by them. Because of her experience she is able to connect with her clients in a very honest way.

What Do We Believe?

Our theory is that we all have scars (whether visible or invisible) and everything that we have experienced in our lives can serve us in our life’s purpose in a positive way if we know how to view it properly.

The key principles in our method is in providing tools to reinforce:




-Sense of Purpose

-Personal Fulfillment/Empowerment


The Effects of Trauma


Common physical disorders and symptoms include: Sleep disturbances, Gastrointestinal, Cardiovascular, Neurological, Musculoskeletal, Respiratory and Substance abuse disorders.


Beyond the initial emotional reactions during the event, those most likely to surface include anger, fear, sadness, and shame.


Cognitive errors: Misinterpreting a current situation as dangerous because it resembles, even remotely, a previous trauma

Excessive or inappropriate guilt: Attempting to make sense cognitively and gain control over a traumatic experience by assuming responsibility or possessing survivor’s guilt, because others who experienced the same trauma did not survive.

Intrusive thoughts and memories: Experiencing, without warning or desire, thoughts and memories associated with the trauma. These intrusive thoughts and memories can easily trigger strong emotional and behavioral reactions, as if the trauma was recurring in the present.



Topics Include:

  • The Importance of Self- Esteem

  • Embracing Your Scars (Physical and Emotional)

  • Forgiveness of Self and Others

  • How Your Scars Can Empower You

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Learn How to turn your scars into your superpower!

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The song “Scars” speaks of Audra’s personal experience with her scars.

About the Workshop

"The “I’ve Got Scars Baby!” Workshop is an 8-week comprehensive workshop designed to illuminate the areas in our lives that may be holding us back from our greatest good. This workshop will assist participants in:

  • Learning how to identify their scars.

  • Discovering how their scars have shown up in their lives (in school,, relationships, with self).  

  • Understanding the importance of embracing their scars.

  • Learning how to embrace their scars through simple techniques they can easily implement. (including comedy)  

  • Learning how their scars (internal or external) can serve them in their daily lives

    *The workshop consists of interactive exercises, discussions and homework assignments for further implementation of material. Audra will walk all of the participants through their journey toward self-love and embracing their scars in this transformational workshop. Through transparency and intentionality participants can gain tips and tools for allowing healing and self-empowerment to take place.



“Audra’s healing work is truly a gift. She really helped me through what I consider a dark period in my life. I also work in an industry that constantly compromises your mental health, which only intensified the storm and stifled my creative abilities. Audra, gave me homework (YES HOMEWORK!) and that’s when the REAL healing began. I love the fact that it was personal. She forced me to dig deep inside of myself. I’ve never been a fan of vulnerability and she pushed me outside of my comfort zone. I met her with so much resistance, but she persisted in making sure I was doing the necessary inner-work to heal. Since then, I’ve never felt happier and more at peace! My closest friends and family have even mentioned that they’ve noticed a positive difference in me. I’ve reclaimed my creative spirit and wholeness. The path to becoming whole isn’t easy and I’m so incredibly grateful for Audra and her techniques in helping me to first identify the holes.”



“Audra’s “Scars Sessions” provided me with vivid, clear insights on why I wasn’t living my best life and how I allowed my emotional scars to hinder my personal progress. I found her more effective than my therapist because she pinpointed my problem immediately and then provided me with effective solutions to be a happier more productive person. With only a few sessions I was able to release the internal burdens I had placed on my mind and heart. I really appreciate and love what Audra is doing because we all have scars and need help from others to heal them.”



“Audra was electrifying! Her vibe was magnetic! Her story intense and powering. I can’t wait to work with her again!”


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