“Audra’s healing work is truly a gift. She really helped me through what I consider a dark period in my life. I also work in an industry that constantly compromises your mental health, which only intensified the storm and stifled my creative abilities. Audra, gave me homework (YES HOMEWORK!) and that’s when the REAL healing began. I love the fact that it was personal. She forced me to dig deep inside of myself. I’ve never been a fan of vulnerability and she pushed me outside of my comfort zone. I met her with so much resistance, but she persisted in making sure I was doing the necessary inner-work to heal. Since then, I’ve never felt happier and more at peace! My closest friends and family have even mentioned that they’ve noticed a positive difference in me. I’ve reclaimed my creative spirit and wholeness. The path to becoming whole isn’t easy and I’m so incredibly grateful for Audra and her techniques in helping me to first identify the holes.”



“Audra’s “Scars Sessions” provided me with vivid, clear insights on why I wasn’t living my best life and how I allowed my emotional scars to hinder my personal progress. I found her more effective than my therapist because she pinpointed my problem immediately and then provided me with effective solutions to be a happier more productive person. With only a few sessions I was able to release the internal burdens I had placed on my mind and heart. I really appreciate and love what Audra is doing because we all have scars and need help from others to heal them.”



“Audra was electrifying! Her vibe was magnetic! Her story intense and powering. I can’t wait to work with her again!”


Union Rescue Mission (Los Angeles)

Union Rescue Mission (Los Angeles)

Union Rescue Mission (Los Angeles)