Learn How to turn your scars into your superpower!

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The song “Scars” speaks of Audra’s personal experience with her scars.

About the Workshop

"The “I’ve Got Scars Baby!” Workshop is an 8-week comprehensive workshop designed to illuminate the areas in our lives that may be holding us back from our greatest good. This workshop will assist participants in:

  • Learning how to identify their scars.

  • Discovering how their scars have shown up in their lives (in school,, relationships, with self).  

  • Understanding the importance of embracing their scars.

  • Learning how to embrace their scars through simple techniques they can easily implement. (including comedy)  

  • Learning how their scars (internal or external) can serve them in their daily lives

    *The workshop consists of interactive exercises, discussions and homework assignments for further implementation of material. Audra will walk all of the participants through their journey toward self-love and embracing their scars in this transformational workshop. Through transparency and intentionality participants can gain tips and tools for allowing healing and self-empowerment to take place.